30 Pics Of Gertrude, The Duck That Is Famous

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Holly Mead from Pennsylvania has a lot of ducks. And no, she’s not a duck farmer or anything like that. She and her family just love having them as pets! They’re all lovely and nice, but one of them is particularly eye-catching. Her name’s Gertrude, and she has a hairstyle that most could envy. Her hairdo, which is actually a crest of feathers, has drawn many comparisons. She’s been likened to George Washington, Queen Elizabeth, Albert Einstein, and many other personalities known for their hair.

Gertrude is a very unique duck—not just because of her fabulous “hair” but also because of her personality. She is extremely friendly, very laid back most of the time. However, she is my loudest quacker and will squawk away when she wants attention. She knows her name and will answer when we call her. Her favorite person is Poppy, my 81-year-old dad.”

“Ducks are great pets! They are funny to just sit and watch. They are loyal to their family and often imprint on people. They are messy, though, so I don’t recommend having a house duck unless you want to do a lot of cleaning. Ducks are a commitment. They are great pets, but they are not animals that you can just dump off at a pond when they grow up. If you are going to get pet ducks, do your research first and commit to keeping them for their lifetime.”

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