Artist Creates Adorable And Sweet Illustrations Inspired By Random Things

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Logos are usually very simple illustrations showing what the company, person, or the product is all about. Logo designer Alfrey Davilla puts his skills to the test by creating logos from random photos, animal pictures, items, and all sorts of things. The artist makes adorable little illustrations that would be perfect logos because of how simple and eye-catching they are. His usual artwork includes silly animal photos, so not only are they cute, the illustrations are quite humorous too.

Alfrey told Bored Panda: “My name is Alfrey Davilla, I have been a logo designer and illustrator for more than ten years. Since I was a child, I have always liked drawing, but only do simple illustrations. I always want to make illustrations that are geometric and good in small sizes. Also, I like creating something that can make people smile. For inspiration, I love reading Japanese manga (comics), watching Disney movies, and seeing other online portfolios from different artists around the world.” This artist has been featured on Bored Panda before, click here to see the previous article.

Artist Creates

Alfrey Davilla manages to create adorable little illustrations inspired by just an image he finds on the internet. The artist is great at creating logos and it shows. To some, it’s very difficult to create a simple and recognizable logo, but Alfrey does it perfectly.

husband and father of one child

“I’m a husband and father of one child. I’m living in Indonesia. When I was young, my drawing skills were really bad and sometimes people didn’t understand it. While my other illustrator friends improved their skills, creating more complex and detailed illustrations, I stuck to a simple illustration style because I couldn’t draw like them. I turned my weakness into a strength. I realized it especially when I joined Dribbble and saw the great reactions from the community.”

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