Photographer Captured His Travels From Southern To Northern Vietnam

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Vietnam is on the bucket list of many travelers and photographers. To cross it off, Dima Gilitukha, a photographer with a scientific career, sold his equipment, armed himself with a digital and analog camera, and created a portfolio on Depositphotos to cover his travels.

Dima set an ambitious task for himself: to spend more than 200 days in Asia and make his travel dream cost-effective. He decided to photograph his adventures and publish them to his stock photography account. And the most fantastic thing—he succeeded!

Dima Gilitukha, a Ukrainian photographer, started collaborating with stock platforms six years ago. He went from a person who accidentally bought an analog camera at a flea market to a famous stock photographer.

“In 2015, I set a goal to turn my stock portfolio into a source of income. Although I was told that it was almost impossible to achieve in six months, I decided to try it out. The first stock images that brought me real profit were photos that documented a scientific experiment. I researched forest fires and methods of fighting them,” Dima Gilitukha told us about his first steps in stock photography.

The photographer did not attempt to capture his travels in a particular genre. Here’s what he has to say about his creative method: “My content is closer to travel photography, but I don’t usually focus on the rules of a particular photography genre. I just capture the life around me, so I equally love shooting landscapes, portraits, and architectural details.”

“Imagine a courtyard with a wooden house, a teak alley, and a garden with bananas, coconuts, and cardamom. That’s where we stayed on the very first days of our trip. The room was similar to old-fashioned movies: a big fan on the ceiling and colorful walls. So, here we were, in the middle of Asia, at a place where you could expand your consciousness,” Dima said.

The photographer admits that he didn’t choose the best time to visit Vietnam. In the wintertime, world-famous rice fields in the rocky north look lifeless. Even Cat Ba Island in Ha Long Bay, which is one of the natural wonders protected by UNESCO, was a little ominous. But the bay was framed by high, picturesque rocks, and the water was absolutely clear.

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