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If you’re counting everything down to the smallest screw, a single car has about 30,000 parts. That’s way too many for us average folk to maintain. This means that over time, bad things happen, and we need to take our metal horsies to the mechanic to fix them. But the state of some of our […]
Here’s a spot to put your favorite drawing that you drew! #1 I’m Not Great At Drawing But I Like This One #2 This Is My Dragon Iw Watercolored With Crayon For The Whites #3 Orchid Drawing I Did For My Mom For Mother’s Day
Climate change includes both global warming caused by human-produced greenhouse gases and the resulting large-scale shifts in weather patterns. Even though there have been periods of climatic change throughout history, since the mid-20th century, humans have had an unprecedented impact on the Earth’s climate, causing huge problems on a global scale. And one Facebook page […]
Holly Mead from Pennsylvania has a lot of ducks. And no, she’s not a duck farmer or anything like that. She and her family just love having them as pets! They’re all lovely and nice, but one of them is particularly eye-catching. Her name’s Gertrude, and she has a hairstyle that most could envy. Her […]
Animals and plants—or nature in general—have always been a huge inspiration to many artists across the world. But have any of us ever tried to imagine what these subjects would look like when combined? Well, a creative French agency called Les Creatonautes has been quite busy doing just that. This past year they have created […]
Logos are usually very simple illustrations showing what the company, person, or the product is all about. Logo designer Alfrey Davilla puts his skills to the test by creating logos from random photos, animal pictures, items, and all sorts of things. The artist makes adorable little illustrations that would be perfect logos because of how […]
Vietnam is on the bucket list of many travelers and photographers. To cross it off, Dima Gilitukha, a photographer with a scientific career, sold his equipment, armed himself with a digital and analog camera, and created a portfolio on Depositphotos to cover his travels. Dima set an ambitious task for himself: to spend more than […]
Chilling alone is fine, but chilling with animals is the best. There’s nothing better than vibing with your furry friends; you get the best of both worlds. You still can feel like you have company without the unnecessary noise that comes from hanging around with other people. Let us introduce you to an artist who […]
Imagine if we suddenly shrank and the world around us became huge for us. How would we live? We would have to rebuild our homes from different things, bugs would be a much scarier threat, and traveling would take much longer. That’s what this Japanese artist, Tatsuya Tanaka, creates: miniature dioramas showing tiny people living […]
We’re going to make your hearts soar and make you so chipper, you’ll be flying above your everyday problems. Our nature and animal-loving team here at Bored Panda has searched the wilds of the internet to bring you the very best, funniest, and featheriest bird memes that you’ll want to share with all of your […]
I know that most of you Pandas care about the environment and Planet Earth very deeply. After all, it’s not only our home but also where all those desperately cute animals we love to feature on Bored Panda live. From cats and dogs to every single wild floof that we’d adopt at the drop of a hat if only […]